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Do you want to send or receive an international shipment?

Easy steps to start saving time and money.
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Save time, and money on your next international shipping with White House Shipping. It provides the lowest cost worldwide shipping services including all types of shipments.
International package shipping via U.S. Receive parcels at your WHS address in the U.S. and we deliver them to you in your home country.  


The nearest WHS authorized location: 
Safe Ship                                       
226A Saint Joe Plaza Dr.                   
Palm Coast, FL 32164                   
Tel: (386) 446-8040                 
8:30 am to 5:30 pm daily -Saturday 9 am to 2 pm - Sunday 9 am to 12 pm

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Or, Contact Us for other authorized locations accepting WHS international shipments.   
Some listed shipping rates with free pickups to: 
France: $3.15  lb  - 5 lbs minimum  or all Western Europe
Brazil: $2.75 lb  -   5 lbs minimum or all South America
Japan: $3.10 lb -  5 lbs minimum
Russia:$2.90 lb  - 10 lbs minimum 
Paczki do Polski, przesylka z USA Poland: $1.45 lb - 20 lbs minimum 

General guide for international shipping:  

First 5 lbs - $27.50. Service fee of $10 per package. Maximum weight of one piece 150 lbs
Minimum 20 lbs per package. Service fee of $10 per package. Maximum weight of one piece 200 lbs
Chargeable Weight is based on generally accepted transportation industry standards.
Chargeable weight is actual weight or dimensional weight whichever is greater as based on formulas below.
Air international shipments: dimensional weight is (H x W x L in inches) / 139 or 166 depending on the destination country rounded up to the next whole pound 
Sea international shipments: dimensional weight is (H x W x L in inches) / 166  rounded up to the next whole pound 
Wyślij tanio paczki do Polski z USA ze swojego komputera z dowolnego miejsca przez White House Shipping.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member 2012


Office:                                                       Shipping Address:
515 Palm Coast Pkwy SW                        226A Saint Joe Plaza 
Palm Coast, FL 32164                              Palm Coast, FL 32164
USA                                                           USA