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Why WHS?

WHS specializes in international door-to-door shipping by air and sea from the United States to over 190 countries. Leveraging a network of partners worldwide, WHS saves its customers money, time, and trouble.    
WHS provides international shipping services to individual persons and commercial entities at highly competitive rates and where even major known carriers do not.

It is an excellent choice for U.S. shippers who cannot obtain the shipping rates on their own that meet their budget.  

WHS is the shipping partner for residents or businesses located outside of the United States that buy in the United States or on the internet or want to independently from the seller inspect their purchases prior to the exportation. 

WHS may hold the shipment and will have it delivered internationally when and where the sender or receiver wants it. This is a convenient option for travelers and others who want to time their shipment deliveries.           

WHS is an excellent shipping partner for retail or internet merchants that want to coveniently and cost-effectively deliver products to their customers abroad.       

Upon request online or by phone, a WHS international shipment will be picked up at a private residence or business location at no charge. 

A  WHS international shipment may be dropped-off at a nearby authorized location in any State in the U.S. at no charge.

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