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Create an International Shipment 
   webassets/1incirclesmall.jpegThe U.S. part of the shipment.  Please enter information below.
Printing the pre-paid FedEx shipping labels below is at no charge.      
Pickups by FedEx at a home or business are at no charge.
Drop-offs at a nearby FedEx authorized location in any State in the U.S. are at no charge.  
The transit time is from 1 to 5 week days depending on the drop-off or pickup location.
$0.29 (29 cents) per pound shipped or minimum $8.50 will be added to the price of the international shipment. 
 If a different carrier than FedEx is used within the U.S. go directly to webassets/2incirclesmall.jpeg.   
Return Shipper Information = Sender Information.   

 webassets/22_sm.jpg   Each printed label has its own unique shipment tracking number. Fold the printed label in half, and place it in a free FedEx pouch.       
Affix the closed pouch to the shipment packaging with the printed sender’s information and barcode showing. FedEx shipping supplies such as pouches are free for shippers and available at any drop-off location, from a FedEx truck driver at the pickup time or they can be ordered in advance.  

 webassets/2incirclesmall.jpegThe international part of the shipment.  Open, complete, and print the WHS Form below. 

Fold the completed and printed WHS form in half, and place it in a separate pouch.  Affix the closed pouch to the shipment packaging apart from FedEx or any other domestic shipping labels used.



   webassets/3incircle.jpegPay for a shipment or open invoice with a credit or debit card. 
WHS accepts credit or debit cards. If the price for a WHS shipment is calculated and known, the payment may be made for it with a credit or debit card at any time below. WHS reserves the right to adjust the amount actually due and payable. 

Enter invoice number if known
Enter tracking number if known

       Note 1   One package may not weigh more than 150 lbs on thewebassets/1incirclesmall.jpegform. However, one shipment piece can weigh more than 150 lbs on the WHS International Form  at webassets/2incirclesmall.jpeg . Any package measuring more than 108 inches in length or any package measuring more than 165 inches in length and girth combined will incur an additional charge of $55.The length and girth of a package is length plus (two times the height) plus (two times the width). If the dimension includes a fraction, a fraction of one-half or greater will be rounded up to the next whole number; less than one-half will be rounded down to the next whole number. Any package measuring more than 60 inches in length or any package weighing more than 70 lbs will incur an additional charge of $8.50.  

      Note 2   Each shipment moved within the United States is automatically insured up to 100 USD at no additional charge. For the declared value on thewebassets/1incirclesmall.jpegform enter not more than 100 USD to avoid insurance fee charges. An insurance fee is $2.40 per each additional $100 of the declared value. The entire international shipment may be additionally insured up to $10,000 with White House Shipping when a shipment is created.  Depending on the destination country, this optional insurance is from 1% up to 5% of the declared value. See the WHS Service Guide. Paczki do Polski. 
Chargeable Weight:
It is based on generally accepted transportation industry standards.
Chargeable weight is actual weight or dimmensional weight whichever is greater as based on formulas below.
Air international shipments: dimensional weight is (H x W x L in inches) / 139 or 166 depending on the destination country rounded up to the next whole pound 
Sea international shipments: dimensional weight is (H x W x L in inches) / 166  rounded up to the next whole pound 
Ground shipments within the United States: dimensional weight is (H x W x L in inches) / 166  rounded up to the next whole pound